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a breadmaker revealing the different steps of making bread
In a short three weeks during my internship at Bureau CQ I designed and elaborated a breadmaker revealing the different steps of making bread through transparent parts of the breadmaker. Therefor, I allowed the consumer to understand and get closer to the process of making bread.
a paper about experience design in a multidisciplinary cross-cultural team
In ‘Light through Culture, Ankara’ we worked in a multidisciplinary cross-cultural team, in which I experienced differences in teamwork and communication causing both clashes of misunderstandings as becoming a unity of thought. Reflecting on the teamwork back in Holland, we realised that it is important to know when there should be time to allow for clashes, and when it is time to perform as a whole, and therefore think on the same level. Abstract communication tools created from our own experiences shared in the paper, allowed for reflection on this balance to anticipate on cultural differences within a multidisciplinary cross-cultural team. The paper was presented on the conference Creative Design on Cultural Heritage 2012 in Innsbruck and on the symposium of Ton Voogt on ‘Co-Working’.
a 'spicer' that makes taste more symbolic
Touching Taste is an outcome of a two weeks module about the relation between design and cooking. In a group of four, we had to design a cooking tool for our own culture that would respect the values of another culture. The setup of the module was inspired by various design methods that are used to gain insight into user groups. Cooking Sri-Lankese food where every student had a different point of view or role within the cooking process, made us define the intercultural marker of symbolic meaning of the taste of food. How much Meaning can Taste have? With that intercultural marker, Dutch food had been cooked using again the different points of view. The following iterations in an explorative process contributed to design a kitchen utensil for the cultural marker. The end result was a ‘Spicer’ Touching Taste, a tool that makes taste more touching and therefor more symbolic.
a modular charging station for electric vehicles
My graduation project is the NRGSPOT+, a sequel to the NRGSPOT, a charging station for electric vehicles of Eneco Energy. The NRGSPOT+ is a modular charging station for a group of electric vehicles in the same area because combining the technical components will save space, costs and will save the street view lots of distracting poles. It is difficult to make one line in the different street views or opinions by designing a charging station. Many street views or opinions are contradicting. That’s why the chosen concept is the modular charging system, consisting of a module with the socket outlet and the RFID reader and a module that function as the housing of the other module. In that way the charging station can be adjusted to the many different environments or the different opinions of the people that will place the charging station. That is what made Eneco interested by this concept.
a light installation that makes people anticipate on the transition between spaces
People are going through a lot of transitions on a day, but we don’t notice them anymore. The light installation, Light: Foresee! lets people anticipate on a transition between spaces by making them experience what is happening beyond their vision. It shows a representation of the current movements in the next space by a light metaphor of lights and shadows under the wall. These metaphors make people anticipate on what is happening behind the wall. Therefor, the light installation offers people a richer transition between spaces.
a foldable universal remote control for elderly
‘Innovation in a week’ is a fast paced workshop initiated by ‘het Ministerie van Nieuwe Dingen’, where small groups of designers get two weeks to develop concepts with a new innovative technology. Together with Bob Spikman, we developed a concept with the technology of a foldable PCB and the target group of elderly or actually the persona: Riky, a woman of 65. She told us devices are becoming more inaccessible for elderly, like a ‘simple’ device as the remote control. That was the motivation for us to design a flex universal remote control, where folding the remote in different metaphoric shapes makes you control the different devices. In this way functions become visual in the remote itself, where buttons for the different devices are showed or hidden by folding.
an interactive light installation for Glow festival
In this two weeks module we created a big light installation on the façade of the main building of the TU/e, for the Glow festival of Eindhoven. The TU/e has widespread connections with society and industry and is able to use these connections to give direct meaning to scientific discoveries in the region. This connecting quality of the TU/e will be reflected during GLOW, through an interactive installation on the main building’s facade. The installation allows visitors to experience the mind of the researchers: 222 lamps translate the building into an enormous ‘brain’. Visitors are invited to use their cameras to flash towards the main building’s ‘brain’ to create new brain waves, connecting the waves, and to give birth to new ideas.
improving and developing wheelchairs for children with a handicap
In the summer of 2008 I went to Bali, Indonesia to be a volunteer in the founding ‘high 5 rehab’. This foundation helps handicapped children to participate in society as normal as possible. My job was to improve and develop wheelchairs for all the children to either make them fit better in their own wheelchair as developing a new wheelchair. Together with the staff of the founding, we went to the houses of the children to decide upon the best improvement. With the local technologies and materials, we built mostly ergonomic improvements for the children.
designing a light installation that celebrates the differences in communication styles between cultures
In a ‘Light through Culture’ workshop in Ankara three light installations were built to celebrate the richness in cultural differences between Turkey and the Netherlands. ‘Recht-door-Zee’ was one of the installations explaining the multiple ways to convey a message by showing the impact of differences in communication styles. The ‘Light through Culture’ installations were exhibited three times, at the METU University Ankara, the Dutch Technology Week at the Eindhoven University of Technology and the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. In the translated light installation, the visitor will be faced with a flow of luminous water, representing the communication of a message going from the messenger to the receiver as the water was falling on the ground. The flow of water and therefor the force of the landing on the ground could be influenced by tactics or signal words by pushing ‘tactics’ into the water flow. The tactics direct the water in another direction; using more than one tactic will eventually create a more complex path, making the landing subtler with less impact on the receiver. Where the Dutch tend to deliver straightforward, the Turkish empathy more with the receiver of the message by choosing a longer path of communication.
empowering rural farmers in Ethiopia by providing possibilities to cool their evening milk
Ethiopia is one of the most undeveloped countries of Africa, while for the first time in modern history the economical growth of the African continent is higher then any other place in the world. However, Ethiopia is the second most severely affected country by malnutrition worldwide. There is a huge shortage on milk, the average consumption of milk per person per year is 19 liters or 8.5% of WHO’s recommendation. I believe a societal change is made by people in that society. People should be provided with opportunities to improve their future instead of pushing new products and technologies towards them; assuming they would have the same cultural values, customs and behaviors. Via LEI Wageningen and Mueller BV, I got the chance to start doing something in the field instead of sitting behind your desk trying to change something in the world. ‘Eerlijk zullen we alles delen’ contains a one year graduation project aiming to decrease the malnutrition of dairy products over Ethiopia. Field research in Ethiopia brought me to closer to the problem by detailed analysis of the situation and value chain. The second visit to Ethiopia was dedicated to elaborating opportunities with the result of an ice exchange system providing a change by a value proposition integrated in the value chain; empowering rural farmers to improve their milk quality and revenue.